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Active as a singer/songwriter and musician for a quite a time now in the recording studio and on stage, Colette has worked with many different artists. Swiss born Colette has emigrated to London at the age of 21, but moved to Southend-on-Sea (Essex) 8 years ago. She sings, plays piano and guitar, composes songs, performs on stage, engineers and records music and releases her own songs.

Alongside her music, Colette has been continuously teaching singing, piano, song writing and band skills at various institutes /colleges /secondary schools /primary schools /Rockschool /Princes’ Trust Soundlive in London and recently in Southend-on-Sea. Also voice coaching 5-16 year olds at Razzamataz Theatre  school.
When based in London she made herself a name as a private vocal coach for established artists, actors and bands, to name a few:
Lisa Stansfield 

Colette with Lisa Stansfield 2014
Colette with Lisa Stansfield 2014

 Billie Piper (singer, actress), Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Roachford, Matt Johnson (The The), Paul Webb (Talk Talk, .O.rang), Billie Ray Martin, Woodentops, Hinda Hicks, N-Tyce, Bjorn again, Geoffrey Williams, Amanda Ghost,

Julia Fordham

Colette with Julia Fordham, Michael Moran and Nick Rhodes (5TA)
Colette with Julia Fordham, Michael Moran and Nick Rhodes (former 5TA members) 2014

and celebrities like John Salako, Amanda de Cadenet, Gary Stretch and others. She has also written and recorded her own singing tutorial CDs which are for sale.

T  H  E      A  R  T  I  S  T 

As a solo artist, Colette has played a many well-known venues and festivals around England such as Leigh Folks Festival, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 23.13.14
Phoenix Festival (etc.) and appeared on many radio shows such as BBC London (Robert Elms Show). In 2004  song Mayhem co-written with Philippe Lussan and in 2000 song Edge of time with band Choc electrique were released on Invincis Records featuring as lead vocalist. Subsequent music video for Edge of Time was shot to promote Choc Electriques album Bongo massive in October 2002.

In 1998 Colette’s song Homeless was released on CD compilation Songs from the Smoke (Cycle records) amongst other artist such as Pat Orchard and Lorraine Bowen. Colette performed live with her band at MTV Studios London for show Talk Music broadcasted on VH-1 to promote CD compilation Song from the Smoke.

Her first Dance single of own composition Loverman Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 23.05.28
was released in 1992 by JFD Records
which was later re-released on Helter Skelters Presents CD compilation United in Hardcore by Ministry of Sounds in 2006.    Lovderman

She co-wrote song This is when the desert grows with Russel Harrison when being band member of Playing at Trains which was released by Warner /Chappell Music on Idea Records.

Showing off her songwriting skills, she collaborated with producers like Trevor Horn, J.J. Jeczalik (Art of Noise), Joe Dworniak and others.

Colette has also worked extensively as a session keyboarder and session vocalist on stage and in the recording Studio, on stage and live TV Shows where she contributed to many released records for bands such as the Pet Shop Boys Opportunities

Billie Ray Martin                                 , billie

the Beloved, the Woodentops, 5TA, Playing at Trains and Heavenly Spheres  (Glenn Skinner production) and many others.

Her passion for eclectic singing styles and vocal improvisations feature heavily on several albums, her vocals can be heard with bands such as  .O.rang (ex-Talk Talk Paul Webb & Lee Harris) 3 albums


Acacia Acacia         Choc electric  invincis

and also on film music  to Channel 4s documentary “Lawrence of  Arabia.”

In the ’80’s Colette’s own composition Wo bist du (German) qualified for Eurovision song contest Switzerland’s finalists .

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  1. Hi Colette, I just wanted to say hi after about 25 years! I was one of your students at the City Lit and you were my first jazz sinnging teacher. Back then not many people were teaching jazz. I bought a tape cassette warm up off you back then and I’ve been using it ever since! It is better than any other warm up I’ve done and really suits to warm up all areas of my voice. It is now part of my ritual if I have a gig coming up that I need to do your 45min warm up daily for at least week before hand to be ready 🙂 I wanted to thank you therefore and wish you all the best xSue Henry
    PS to remind you it’s the one that ends with “Love me or Leave me”

    1. Aww that’s great Susan, glad that old tape is still going…it has been transferred onto CD by now and still is as effective as 25 years ago :)….glad to hear you’re still singing…, take care xx

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